Types of Radar Detectors

Radar detectors are very useful in the detection of the speed of the vehicle by various drivers. Radar detectors have the ability to detect signals through the wavelength bands such as X, K, and Ka bands. The speed of the vehicle is determined through the Doppler shift by the police. Modern radar detectors use pulsed laser light known as LIDAR instead of radio waves.

Radar detectors include the following features such as good range, good audio alerts, good visual alerting, good mounting features, and good false alarm control. Due to these features, the radar detectors are considered to be unique in determining the speed of the vehicle.

There are three types of radar detectors which include corded detectors, cordless detectors, and remote mounted radar detectors.

Corded Detectors

These radar detectors are attached to the car’s cigarette lighter or in the fuse box and after that mounted with a suction cup to the windshield. These detectors provide a number of benefits such as easy to install, no batteries required, and have the ability to detect all types of bands. This detector can be easily plugged and can be easily transported from any vehicle to another in just a few seconds. POP radar has been developed by the MPH industries to detect the speed of the vehicle and protects it from the speed traps. The batteries should be replaced once every 3 weeks.

Cordless Detectors

These radar detectors automatically turn on and off in milliseconds in order to prevent battery life. These detectors have thirty percent less range as compared to corded detectors. Due to the inefficient range and sensitivity, cordless detectors are not able to detect the POP radar. The first cordless detector which is able to detect POP radar is Whistler 1788. These radar detectors are not reliable or desirable to purchase due to its overall performance.

Remote Mounted Radar Detectors

In many countries like Washington DC, Virginia, Spain, and France, using radar detectors are illegal. The installation of antennas is in the grill and under the hood in these radar detectors. The display can be viewed by the drivers only under the DashBoard or on the DashBoard as it is hidden in the vehicle from the police and the thief. These types of radar detectors have jamming radar guns that are not accepted by law enforcement. These detectors are not mostly used by the drivers as it is very expensive because of the modules which are used in their installation. Most of these radar detectors have the installation card which is professionally installed.

Radar Detector Models

There are various radar detector models that are available in the market to detect the speed of the vehicle. But there is no model that is 100 percent effective.

The most popular brands of radar detectors are Escort, Cobra, Valentine, BEL, and Whistler which are used for detecting the speed effectively. There are three models that are considered to be the best because of their overall performance and efficiency. The leading models which are on the top are ValentineEscorts, and BEL.

The Escort Passport 8500 X50 radar detector can detect the K, X, and Ka-band radar guns from 2 miles away and is excellent at detecting the frequency wavelengths in the POP mode. The Bel Pro is available in electronics stores which also detects the signals very efficiently. Valentine One is good at detecting laser guns.

Earlier, the Valentine One is not considered to be the best model due to its inability to detect the radar guns in POP mode. This model is best at detecting the beams from the laser speed guns. This radar detector is considered to be an excellent model due to its features and design but it has one disadvantage that it is too expensive as compared to other models such as BEL and Escorts.

Bel Vector 955 does not include the features such as the ability to integrate with Bel’s laser jammers, carrying case, and the detection rates for K, X, and Ka-band are also very low as compared to the Valentine One and Escort Passport 8500 X50 models. The Bel Vector 955 model, though not consisting of such features still it is considered to be the cheapest model in the market as compared to the other models. It is also the cheapest model than the Cobra and Whistler models.

The Bel Express 925, though lack in features and also not contains lights and buttons but then also it is considered to be an excellent radar detector. It detects the radar threats very efficiently as the expensive detectors. This model is designed according to the driver’s budget and its performance. This also detects the Ka-band guns in POP mode.

The Whistler model is in no comparison with the expensive models but it is excellent at preventing being detected by the law enforcement detector detectors such as VG-2 and Spectre III. This radar detector is used in countries such as Canada where the use of radar detectors is illegal. As the laser jammers are considered illegal in some states but it is used in urban areas which can easily detect the vehicle on a crowded roadway. Only one laser jammer is used like Blinder M-20 in which countermeasures are used against the laser guns.

Radar Detection

A radar detector is an electronic device that is used by various motorists to monitor their speed. The term radar detector has been derived from the speed detection technologies and is used by the police to determine the vehicle’s speed due to the change in the frequency waves. The radar detectors currently in use detect the signals which use various wavelength bands such as K, X, and Ka bands. New radar detectors use pulsed laser light instead of radio waves. Nowadays, the radar detectors which are used by the police is the POP radar to detect the vehicle’s speed.

The radar detectors used by most of the drivers are attached to the inconspicuous area and the visor. In some countries such as Belgium, Australia, Germany, Finland, etc, using a radar detector is illegal and can also lead to penalties and seizure of the device

The radar which detects the speed of the vehicles totally depends on the model and makeover of the radar gun which is often used by law enforcement. The primary function of the radar gun is to send a radio signal at a certain frequency. Then the signal detects the targeted object i.e the vehicle and sends back to the radar gun.

The signal moves at a constant speed and the time is calculated by the computer that how much time is taken by the signal to return. The frequency becomes higher due to the Doppler shift when the target object moves towards the radar gun. So, the police can easily calculate the speed of the moving vehicle in a few minutes without waiting at the side of the highway to detect the speed with radar guns.

A radar detector uses the same radio frequency as the radar guns but the police can change their frequencies. Due to this frequency, a car radio can easily catch the signal on FM or an AM channel. The best radar detector has the ability to send both audio and visual signals to the driver which can easily slow down the speed of the vehicle.

In order to have constant broadcasts, quick bursts are used by the new radar guns which are called K-band range by the police. If the speeders have already clocked then also sophisticated radar detector can easily catch the signals. Some radar detectors are inexpensive and some are costly, so the driver should buy an appropriate radar detector according to the quality and needs.

The latest development has been done to detect the speed which makes use of the laser light instead of soundwaves. LIDAR has been set up by the law enforcers so that the speed can be detected automatically through the frequency wavelengths. The light matches with the frequency of the gun and extra electronic noise is included.

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